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About Us

CUT was established to advocate for the rights of families and individuals to keep their hard earned dollars.

The mission of CUT shall be to educate the public as to the dangers of excessive taxation, regulation, and government spending, thereby en­couraging the reduction of taxes, regulation, and spending accountability.

Founded in 1976, the Colorado Union of Taxpayers (CUT) is Colorado's longest-servingn- advocacy group for taxpayers. 

The CUT Foundation

The CUT Foundation is a non-partisan 503(C)3 dedicated to educating Coloradoans about the fiscal impact of proposed legislation and ballot issues. To learn more or to provide your tax-deductible contribution, CLICK HERE.

2022 Legislative Kickoff


Members and Guests met for a breakfast Jan. 20th 

to learn what taxpayers can expect at the State Legislature.


Speakers Senator Paul Lundeen and Representative Mark Baisley described how the State Democrats have sensed the public opinion and are trying to re-position themselves as concerned about the cost of living. Their answer -- try to delay until after the elections the many taxes, taxes and regulations they enacted last year.

Alan Philip also spoke on redistricting and the best chances for candidates concerned taxpayers to win back control of the legislature.

HeaCUTding 2CU

Sen. Lundeen.jpeg
Rep Baisley.jpeg
Alan Phiip.jpeg

       Sen Lundeen                    Rep. Baisley                               Alan Philp

NEW CUT Pledge Signers

CUT is pleased to announce two new CUT Pledge Signers. CUT Pledge Signers are committed to protecting YOU the TAXPAYER.  We welcome:

  • Rep Richard Holtorf (House District 64)

  • Savannah Wolfson, Candidate for House District 26

Has YOUR State Senator and State Representative signed the CUT Pledge?  If they have not signed the pledge, your vote has not been earned!


Please donate or renew your membership by remitting annual dues of $25.00 (or $125 for 6 years.) to below or by mail to:


PO Box 1976 

Lyons CO 80540 

Please consider an additional contribution when submitting your dues.


Legislation Watch


Cut reviews and makes recommendations on all proposed legislation related to our Pledge to defend Taxpayers.

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2021 Taxpayer Champion

Patrick Neville - 2020 House Guardian.jpg

Patrick Neville

House District 45
R - Franktown

2021 Taxpayer Guardians

Chris Holbert - 2020 Senate Champion.jpg

Senate Guardian
Chris Holbert

Senate District 30
R - Parker
Paul Lundeen-2021 Senate Guardian.jpg
Senate Guardian Paul Lundeen
Senate District 9
R - Monument
Shane Sandridge - 2020 House Champion.jpg
House Guardian
Shane Sandridge
House District 14
R - Colorado Springs



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