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Colorado's Longest-

Serving Advocacy Group For Taxpayers

About Us

CUT at the Conservative Patriot Alliance

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About Us

CUT was established to advocate for the rights of families and individuals to keep their hard earned dollars.

The mission of CUT shall be to educate the public as to the dangers of excessive taxation, regulation, and government spending, thereby en­couraging the reduction of taxes, regulation, and spending accountability.

Founded in 1976, the Colorado Union of Taxpayers (CUT) is Colorado's longest-servingn- advocacy group for taxpayers. 

The CUT Foundation

The CUT Foundation is a non-partisan 503(C)3 dedicated to educating Coloradoans about the fiscal impact of proposed legislation and ballot issues. To learn more or to provide your tax-deductible contribution, please use the DONATE buttion!

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CUT Board members Wendy Warner, Steve Dorman and Mary Janssen explained CUT's Mission and Ratings to attendees of the CD4/CD8 Candidate Forum sponsored by the Conservative Patriot Alliance. CUT Board Members welcome opportunities to speak to other community groups.


Please join CUT in protecting Colorado Taxpayers!  Submit your membership by remitting annual dues of $25.00 (or $125 for 6 years.) by clicking the button below or mailing to:


PO Box 1976 

Lyons CO 80540 

Please consider an additional contribution when submitting your dues.

2023 Taxpayer Guardians

Senate Guardians
Sen Mark Baisley.jpg

Senator Mark Baisley

Senate District 4

Chaffee, Custer, Douglas, Freemont, Jefferson, Lake, Park & Teller Counties

Senator Kevin Van Winkle

Senate District 30

Douglas County

House Guardians
Rep Scott Bottoms.jpg

Rep. Scott Bottoms

House District 15

El Paso County

Rep. Ken DeGraaf

House District 22

El Paso County

 Rep. Stephanie Luck

House District 60

Chaffee, Custer, Fremont, Pueblo  & Teller Counties

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Contact Us

Our Address

PO Box 1976

Lyons CO 80540

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