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Colorado's Longest-

Serving Advocacy Group For Taxpayers

About Us

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About Us

CUT was established to advocate for the rights of families and individuals to keep their hard earned dollars.

The mission of CUT shall be to educate the public as to the dangers of excessive taxation, regulation, and government spending, thereby en­couraging the reduction of taxes, regulation, and spending accountability.

Founded in 1976, the Colorado Union of Taxpayers (CUT) is Colorado's longest-servingn- advocacy group for taxpayers. 

The CUT Foundation

The CUT Foundation is a non-partisan 503(C)3 dedicated to educating Coloradoans about the fiscal impact of proposed legislation and ballot issues. To learn more or to provide your tax-deductible contribution, please use the DONATE buttion!

The CUT RATINGS for the 2023 Legislative Session have been released. Click on the notice to the left to read and print your own copy.  See how your legislators voted on the most important legislation to taxpayers!

2023 CUT Ratings Published!


This proposition is a SCAM. Proposition HH:

  • Promises to give a small decrease in property taxes in return for TAKING YOUR TABOR REFUND!

  • Allows the state to KEEP YOUR TABOR REFUNDS FOREVER with out a further vote – a tax increase of up to $200 Billion over 30 years.

  • Will still result in the LARGEST PROPERTY TAX INCREASE in our state’s history – and the taxes will continue to grow!


The Legislature ignored many options for mitigating property tax increases and pushed this through in the last days of the Legislature. The real purpose of HH is to undermine the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, take your TABOR refund and increase the size of the state government.  VOTE NO and INFORM OTHERS.

Links for further information

1.  From Mark Hillman, Former Colorado State Treasurer:  "Even if HH Passes, Property Taxes are Still Going Up". Click Here

2. From Ben Murray, Independence Institute: "Proposition HH is a TAX INCREASE.  Click Here.

3.  From Brandon Wark (Free State Colorado) and Natalie Menten ( TABOR Foundation): " How Bad Will Proposition HH Affect Colorado Renters"  Click Here.

CUT Urges you to VOTE NO on Proposition HH


Please join CUT in protecting Colorado Taxpayers!  Submit your membership by remitting annual dues of $25.00 (or $125 for 6 years.) by clicking the button below or mailing to:


PO Box 1976 

Lyons CO 80540 

Please consider an additional contribution when submitting your dues.

Legislative Ratings

CUT reviews and makes recommendations on all  proposed legislation related to our Pledge to defend Taxpayers.
See our ratings here!  

2023 Taxpayer Guardians

Senate Guardians
Sen Mark Baisley.jpg

Senator Mark Baisley

Senate District 4

Chaffee, Custer, Douglas, Freemont, Jefferson, Lake, Park & Teller Counties

Senator Kevin Van Winkle

Senate District 30

Douglas County

House Guardians
Rep Scott Bottoms.jpg

Rep. Scott Bottoms

House District 15

El Paso County

Rep. Ken DeGraaf

House District 22

El Paso County

 Rep. Stephanie Luck

House District 60

Chaffee, Custer, Fremont, Pueblo  & Teller Counties

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Contact Us

Our Address

PO Box 1976

Lyons CO 80540

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