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CUT was established to advocate for the rights of families and individuals to keep their hard earned dollars.

The mission of CUT shall be to educate the public as to the dangers of excessive taxation, regulation, and government spending, thereby en­couraging the reduction of taxes, regulation, and spending accountability.

Founded in 1976, the Colorado Union of Taxpayers (CUT) is Colorado's longest-serving advocacy group for taxpayers. 



Please donate or renew your membership by remitting annual dues of $25.00 (or $125 for 6 years.) to below or by mail to:


PO Box 1976 

Lyons CO 80540 

Please consider an additional contribution when submitting your dues.

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Cut reviews and makes recommendations on all proposed legislation related to our Pledge to defend Taxpayers.

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2019 Taxpayer Champions

Senate Champion

Vicki Marble

Senate District 23
R - Fort Collins



Stephen Humphrey

House District 48
R - Windsor



Lori Saine

House District 63
R - Dacono



Dave Williams

House District 15
R - Colorado Springs

2019 Taxpayer Guardians

House Guardian Kimmi Lewis
House District 64
R - Las Animas
Senate Guardian Jerry Sonnenberg
Senate District 1
R - Sterling



Our Address

PO Box 1976

Lyons CO 80540

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