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The Pledge


I  ________________________________ , 

Candidate/Representative for ____________________
hereby pledge to the Citizens of Colorado:

TABOR - to honor and uphold the spirit as well as the letter of TABOR.

New Taxes - to oppose any new net tax increase.

Spending Limit - to limit government spending to growth of Colorado population and inflation.

Tax Surplus - to support the refund of surplus taxes to the citizens of Colorado proportional to their contributions.

Prioritize Spending - to support prioritizing the budget by shifting spending from lower valued programs to the higher priorities, and not fund spending with new net taxes.

Education - to support educational alternatives such as vouchers to create competition and improve student results at a lower cost.

Privatize - to support privatization of government departments and functions to make them more efficient and less expensive.

Property Rights - to defend private property rights from “takings” by government or by regulation.

Payroll Deductions - to oppose unauthorized payroll deductions that are used for political purposes.

Petition Rights - to support the citizen’s right to petition with rules as non-restrictive as possible.

Signature: _________________________________________   Date:   ____________

 Sponsored by: Colorado Union of Taxpayers, PO Box 1976, Lyons, CO 80540, REV 2023

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