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NEW 2022 CUT Pledge Signers

CUT is pleased to announce new CUT Pledge Signers. CUT Pledge Signers are committed to protecting YOU the TAXPAYER.  We welcome:

  • Rose Pugliese (House District 14)

  • Stephanie Wheeler (House District 2)

  • Frank Atwood (House District 31)

  • John Caldwell (House District 49)

  • Joe Woyte (House District 14)

  • Matt Solomon (Senate District 8)

  • Ty S Winter (House District 47)

  • Rep Richard Holtorf (House District 64)

  • Savannah Wolfson, Candidate for House District 26

Has YOUR State Senator and State Representative signed the CUT Pledge?  If they have not signed the pledge, your vote has not been earned!

Past Pledge Signers
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