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George Washington once observed that government is, at best, a necessary evil.  At worst, an intolerable one.  I ask myself, what is the essential ingredient that makes government an intolerable evil? 


What is it that allows government to regulate, incarcerate, abuse, confiscate, embezzle - in a word - oppress?  Answer: taxes!  The cliche that money is the root of all problems applied to society, makes no sense, but applied to government, in particular, makes perfect sense. The definition of a free society is one that does not suffer oppression at the hands of government elected and appointed officials. 


The only way to truly minimize oppression is to keep government small and unable to involve itself in most areas of human endeavor.  The only way to keep the government small is to starve it of funds, in other words, keep taxes, low! 


In my opinion, the total tax burden on a citizen should never exceed 10% - local, state  and federal combined.  Keep more money in the hands of citizens, and you will observe a society creating wealth and protecting its individual liberties.


In this struggle, the Colorado Union of Taxpayers stands squarely on the side of the working people, on the side of the productive, on the side of the job creators. We oppose those who imagine that they may use the power of taxation to live at someone else's expense.


We understand that today in America and in Colorado, in particular, no major political group steps up as the political protector of the hard working middle-class.  Despite this perilous situation, the Colorado Union of Taxpayers will spare no effort in defending Colorado's overtaxed and over-regulated citizens.


Gregory N. Golyansky, President
Colorado Union of Taxpayers.

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The late economist Howard Kershner once observed: "When a self-governing people confer upon their government the power to take from some and give to others, the process will not stop until the last bone of the last taxpayer is picked bare."

This destructive “process” has seen a great deal of use at the Colorado General Assembly during the last legislative session.

Here are some of its legislative “accomplishments”:
-Imposed an unconstitutional tax on citizens who exercise their Second Amendment rights;
-imposed irrational “green” regulations on rural utilities - which will result in much higher rates for consumers;
-increased taxes on groceries;
-expanded Obamacare in the state – which is a huge new tax in and of itself;
-passed more regulations to harm small businesses;
-and encouraged frivolous antibusiness

It is obvious, with the exception of a handful of Republicans, no political party at the Colorado General Assembly represents the interests of the middle class – single most productive segment of our society. No one seems to understand free markets cannot work if government constantly gets in the way.

All of these legislative “accomplishments” plus the record high level of spending were forced upon the state despite the fact that Colorado and the nation in general are in the midst of the worst economic depression since the 1920’s. In order to spur the economic growth, increase prosperity, and lower unemployment, Colorado needs lower taxes and fewer regulations. One only needs look at the numbers of US Bureau of Labor Statistics to see the catastrophic economic situation that our state is facing compared to the states that surround us.

As of May 2013 the rate of unemployment in Utah, our western neighbor, was 4.6%. Wyoming, north of us, 4.6%. Kansas, to the east, 5.5%. Our southern neighbor, New Mexico had 6.7% unemployment. Oklahoma, to the southeast, 4.9% and northeast from us, Nebraska had 3.7% rate of unemployment. Here in Colorado the unemployment rate was 7.6% - the highest among all of the states in our area! In light of these facts, we can honestly say that here in Colorado we have the worst legislature that money can buy.

We hope we are wrong, but anticipate the need for CUT to advocate for the rights of families and individuals to keep their hard earned dollars will be more urgent than ever.

Our goal is to remind the Legislators, we, the taxpayers, are well able to make our own decisions on how we spend our own money. The job of the Colorado Assemby is to enforce our freedoms to establish contracts between one-another and not to simply redistribute our earnings as they see fit.