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2017 Legislative Summary


Colorado Transparency Online Project (TOPS)
To get a detailed overview of the $27,000,000,000 budget for Colorado follow this link to the Colorado Online Transparency Project (TOPS)

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CUT First Wall of Shame Plus 2017 Taxpayer Champions/Guardians

CUT Rates the 2017 Legislature,  the annual scorecard published by Colorado Union of Taxpayers released recently names Senator Vicki Marble, Fort Collins; Representative Tim Leonard, Evergreen  2017 Taxpayer Champions.  Named 2017 Taxpayer Guardians are Senators Chris Holbert, Parker and Jim Smallwood, Parker and Representative Stephen Humphrey, Windsor.

In CUT First Wall of Shame are those legislators who sponsored SB17-267 and those CUT pledge signers(indicated by *) who flagrantly violated their pledge to Colorado Taxpayers:
Senators Randy Baumgardner*, Kevin Grantham*, Lucia Guzman, Kevin Priola*, and Jerry Sonnenberg; Representatives Jon Becker, KC Becker, Phillip Covarrubias*, Lois Landgraf*, Polly Lawrence*, Kimmi Lewis*, Larry Liston*, Clarice Navarro*.  SB17-267 the most egregious bill in decades pushed through in the waning hours of 2017 session ripped into Taxpayers Bill of Rights preventing first, taxpayers the opportunity to testify against the bill and secondly, preventing Colorado citizens a vote on up to $1.9 B tax increase and $2.0 B increase in debt.
CUT sent position papers on 129 bills to all 100 legislators during 2017 legislative session.  The   CUT sponsored Legislators’/Candidate  pledge to taxpayers which has been signed by many legislators lays out the following criteria:  1) TABOR, 2) New Taxes, 3) Spending Limits, 4) Tax Surplus, 5)  Prioritize  Spending, 6) Education,  7) Privatize, 8) Property Rights, 9) Payroll Deductions, and 10) Petition Rights.  (See the complete taxpayer pledge  From the 129 bills, thirty were included in the ratings calculations.  The report includes each of these bills with narrative to CUT position and why.

2016 Taxpayer Champions

State Senator - District 23
State Representative - District 16
State Representative - District 63

2016 Taxpayer Guardians

State Senator - District 1
State Representative - District 48