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Weekly Positions -2022

This is where you can find the weekly positions published by CUT during the Assembly sessions.

CUT continues its objection to the inappropriate use of the Safety Clause.
Bills Reviewed January 31, 2022

Weekly Ratings 013122 image.png
Bills Reviewed February 7, 2022

Bill Rating HB 02-07-2021.jpg
Bill Ratings SB 02-07-2021.png
Bills Reviewed March 7, 2022
Bills Reviewed February 14, 2022

House Bills 02-14-22.jpg
Senate Bills 02-14-22jpg.jpg
Bills Reviewed February 21, 2022
CUT Bill positions 02-21-22 House.jpg
CUT BIll Positions 02-21-22 Senate.jpg
Bills Reviewed February 28, 2022
Bill Ratings  2-28-22.jpg
Bill Ratings 2-28-22-2.jpg
Bills Rated March 7, 2022
CUT Ratings House bills - 3-7-22.jpg
CUT Ratings Senate Bills -3-9-22.jpg

The Signers

Bills Rated March 14, 2022
CUT Ratings 1 for 3-14-2022.jpg
CUT Ratings 2 for 2-14-2022.jpg
Bills Rated March 21, 2022
Bill Ratings - House 3-21-22.jpg
Bill Ratings - Senate 03-21-2022.jpg
Bills Rated March 28, 2022
Bill Ratings 3-28-2022.jpg
Bills Rated April 4, 2022
Cut Ratings for 4-4-2022.jpg
Bills Rated April 11, 2022
Cut Ratings for 4-11-2022.jpg
Bills Rated April 18, 2022
Bill Ratings 4-18-2022-1.jpg
Bills Rated April 25, 2022
Bill Ratings 4-24-2022-1.jpg
Bills Rated May 2, 2022
Bill Ratings 5-1-2022.jpg
Bills Rated May 9, 2022
Bill Rating 05-09-22.jpg
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