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The Honorable Ramey Johnson joined CUT in hosting an End of Legislative Session Wrap-up on March 31st at Rockley's Even Center in Lakewood.

Natalie Menton and Kim Monson spoke to the very well attended event.

Kim Monson, Ramie Johnson, Natalie Menton


The Colorado Union of Taxpayers participated in the 2023 Western Conservative Summit with an informational booth. Thank you Bill Hammel, Marty Neilson and Rob Knuth for making information about CUT and its goals available to conference attendees.

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2023 CUT Ratings Published!

The CUT RATINGS for the 2023 Legislative Session have been released. Click on the notice to the left to read and print your own copy.  See how your legislators voted on the most important legislation to taxpayers!

CUT Urges you to VOTE NO on Proposition HH
This proposition is a SCAM. Proposition HH:
  • Promises to give a small decrease in property taxes in return for TAKING YOUR TABOR REFUND!
  • Allows the state to KEEP YOUR TABOR REFUNDS FOREVER with out a further vote – a tax increase of up to $200 Billion over 30 years.
  • Will still result in the LARGEST PROPERTY TAX INCREASE in our state’s history – and the taxes will continue to grow!
The Legislature ignored many options for mitigating property tax increases and pushed this through in the last days of the Legislature. The real purpose of HH is to undermine the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, take your TABOR refund and increase the size of the state government.  VOTE NO and INFORM OTHERS.

Links for further information
1.  From Mark Hillman, Former Colorado State Treasurer:  "Even if HH Passes, Property Taxes are Still Going Up". Click Here

2. From Ben Murray, Independence Institute: "Proposition HH is a TAX INCREASE.  Click Here.

3.  From Brandon Wark (Free State Colorado) and Natalie Menten ( TABOR Foundation): " How Bad Will Proposition HH Affect Colorado Renters"  Click Here.

CUT Statement on Rep Scott Bottom’s Lawsuit to Protect TABOR:

 Every day, hardworking Coloradans trust and expect that our elected representatives and governor honor and abide by our Constitution.This is a non-partisan issue. During the 2023 Colorado Special Session, the Colorado House and Senate unconstitutionally passed and the Governor signed a bill that expanded the Earned Income Tax Credit using Coloradan’s TABOR refunds. Rep. Scott Bottoms is bringing forth a lawsuit to protect the people of Colorado and to protect our Colorado Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights(TABOR).TABOR is an amendment to the Colorado Constitution that was voted on and approved by the people of Colorado in 1992. Colorado Union of Taxpayers (CUT) stands in firm support of Rep. Bottoms' efforts to uphold the Colorado Constitution and the Rule of Law.  


Kim MonsonPresident Colorado Union of Taxpayers (CUT)

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