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I                                                                 , candidate/Legislator for                        


hereby pledge to the Citizens of Colorado:


Tabor to honor and uphold the spirit as well as the letter of TABOR.


New Taxes to oppose any new net tax increase.


Spending Limit to limit government spending to growth of Colorado population

 and inflation.


Tax Surplus to support the refund of surplus taxes to the citizens of Colorado

 proportional to their contributions.


Prioritize Spending to support prioritizing the budget by shifting spending from

 lower valued programs to the higher priorities, and not fund

 spending with new net taxes.


Education to support educational alternatives such as vouchers to create

 competition and improve student results at a lower cost.


Privatize to support privatization of government departments and functions

 to make them more efficient and less expensive.


Property Rights to defend private property rights from “takings” by government

 or by regulation.


Payroll Deductions to oppose unauthorized payroll deductions that are used for

 political purposes.


Petition Rights to support the citizen’s right to petition with rules as non-

 restrictive as possible.


Signature:                                                                         Date:                                          

Sponsored by: Colorado Union of Taxpayers, PO Box 24594, Denver, CO 80224, Tel (303) 494-2400, www. coloradotaxpayer.org, Rev 2/2000


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